Art Story Mission
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Art Story Mission is a new podcast from Ecclesia Clear Lake, hosted by John Hatfield and featuring various voices from the ECL community. This podcast is an ongoing conversation about the journey of following Jesus as we explore themes of beauty, mission, and the stories that are unfolding in and around our faith community. We hope this show encourages you to dive deeper into the life that God offers in Jesus Christ.

Like many of the things we do at Ecclesia Clear Lake, Art Story Mission follows the church calendar as a backdrop for our conversations. Each new season on the church calendar will bring fresh voices, new stories, and evolving discussions on art, beauty, and the mission of the Church.

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    The Sacredness of Stillness

    In episode 5 we meditate on the practice of stillness, the role of art in cross-cultural communication, and physiological responses to chronic anxiety.

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    The Treasure of Simplicity

    In the fourth of our six Lenten episodes, we meditate on simplicity, discuss depth perception, and explore emotional health in the context of community.

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    The Power of Self-Denial

    In the third week of Lent, we explore themes of self-denial, authenticity and artistic expression, and symptoms of emotional and spiritual un-health in a community.

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    The Beauty of Wilderness

    Lacy, Lauren, Coby and John explore the beauty of wilderness, authentic artistic expression, and healthy emotional responses to difficult situations.

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    The Journey Inward

    Art Story Mission kicks off with conversations about the Lenten journey, art and faith, and emotionally healthy spirituality.

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    Preview for Lent with Lauren Kussro

    In this preview for our Lenten discussion on Art & Faith, John Hatfield & Lauren Kussro talk about the artistic process, sanctification, and blooper reels.

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    Preview for Lent with Lacy Hilbrich

    John Hatfield and Lacy Hilbrich discuss the Church Year and its importance in the journey of the Art Story Mission podcast.

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